Anonymous said: so...uhh how's college? oh by the way, I have decided to check up on you and ask you about your day on a regular basis, starting now, hope you don't mind :)

It’s okay! I actually like it when people get so curious/concerned about me. Hahaha.

Well…. so far so good. Getting used to commuting everyday and eating lunch alone during Wednesdays & Fridays. It’s because I don’t have blockmates yet. :( Work/community service is draining. I still have 20 hours to finish. Hashtag scholar probs. Hahahaha I hope I can get an Honor Scholarship so I wouldn’t be required to render service.

And then……. tomorrow I’ll get the result of my 70-item quiz in College Algeb. HOLYYYYY COOOOW

Anonymous said: Its been months, and I've literally tried everything I could to forget you, but its no use. I am in love with you, for quite some time now actually...

Cute naman!!! :) Hayaan mo makakakita ka din ng chicks somewhere tapos marerealize mo “Ay panget pala ni Pat ayoko na” HAHAHAHAHA

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